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Fixing the Roof

Energy Efficient Roofing Services


The sky’s the limit if you have a roof over your head!

Your roof is equally as important as the foundation of your home. Roof failures could be catastrophic and extremely unsafe is why is important to takes care of these failures with top level contractor who understand the current situation of a roof and assess the future unforeseen situation that could develop if is not taken care on time. 

Each roof home is different and has a unique style, but the real reason of a roof renovation is to protect the family who’s living inside. HomeImprov Construction professionalism understands how a high-quality renovation can protect your family from changing weather, help you to conserve energy and prevent damage in other part of your home. We carry high quality products as per say the Cool Roof which is designed to reflect the sun light and reduce the heat absorption than any other type of roof, especially with the strong and rigorous heat and sun conditions in California. Regular shingle roofs temperatures can elevate extreme temperatures, transferring that exhausting heat down into your home. According to Energy Star, Cool Roofs have the capacity of reducing the surface temperature of your home roof by up to a 100 degrees, making your home more pleasant and benefiting of not having to incur into turning one Air Conditioning systems which they will increase your utility bills. 

Whether you’re looking to repair, replace, insulate, realign roof tiles, or install an entirely new roof, it’s important to do your research. As the homeowner, you need to find a roofing company that you can trust will provide the best service and professional craftsmanship.

HomeImprov Construction offers complete roofing services that will make your home more energy efficient. Our top-of-the-line roofers will complete your repair or remodel in a timely and efficient manner, leaving you with a quality roof for many years to come. Our contractors are trained to deal with all roofing systems including cool roof, flat roofs, traditional roofing, single ply roof systems, stone masonry, lead and zinc works.

HomeImprov Construction roofing contractors will oversee your project from start to finish, assuring along the way that you receive a service personalized to your specific needs. High-quality workmanship and timely completion of your job within your defined budget can also be expected from our team.


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Our Approach

We always make sure to do a rigorous home assessment of the current situation of a home before starting any project. We coordinate city permits, inspections, go over product catalogs to coordinate product deliveries on time as well as management of the project from the beginning to the end. 

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