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Harvest the power of the sun with solar energy!

"Certified Dealer and Installer"

Infinite power source free to use all day every day!

HomeImprov Construction is experienced in providing solar power solutions to residential and commercial businesses. We believe that customers have much to gain from harnessing the power of the sun. The price of solar power has reduced significantly over recent years to the point where the cost of solar power is much the same as grid power when considered over equipment life cycle.

Our company uses the newest technology to open up new options for the environmentally conscious commercial building owner and homeowner. Solar power could save your business or family home thousands of dollars in energy costs!

We recommend and install are compliant with the necessary regulations and have good, solid warranties. We offer superior after-sales assistance to all our customers, to make sure their new solar system is up and running without hiccups.


It is important to realize that installing solar power is a long-term investment, so trying to cut corners and cost on quality to get a quicker return on that investment is counter productive because you end up spending more in the long one.

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Solar Panel Systems

Home Batteries 

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Solar Power Monitoring System

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Why Choose US

HomeImprov Construction has the expertise to help you choose and deliver the most energy-efficient solar power systems for residential, business or commercial premises.

Our reputation for quality means you can trust our highly trained electricians to provide the right advice and install the right solar system for you.

What we offer you ?

Powering your house by the sun!

Solar Installation

Solar Battery Back Up

Solar Residential & Commercial

Cool PV and Solar Thermo Pool

Solar Hot Water Home System

Solar Pool Heating

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